Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is belly binding safe?

    You may have heard that belly binding is unsafe or that it carries risks. To a point this is true. When learned from dubious resources (i.e., youtube), while using inappropriate materials or techniques, or without professional guidance, belly binding under certain conditions *may* increase the risk of pelvic floor organ prolapse. This is addressed in detail in the course.

  • Can I really learn how to belly bind online?

    Over 100 students have gone through my course, and not one of them has ever had an issue that could not be solved through the guidance offered in the course. Not everyone chooses to go through the certification process, but I recommend it, as it will enable you to receive personal guidance from your mentor and ensure you are doing the technique correctly. The course provides videos, text documents, audio recordings, and on-going conference call trainings. It is always being updated to benefit the students and reflect new information as it becomes available. Lifetime access to the course also ensures that you will never forget how to belly bind, and that you will be able to refresh your memory before each new client.

  • Can I be certified after taking your course?

    There is no official regulation for the practice of postpartum belly binding. Certification in my online course is provided as a way to recognize those who make the effort to become highly skilled and knowledgeable in the art and practice of belly binding. The requirements for belly binding can be previewed in the curriculum outline on the "Belly Binding for Birth Professionals" page. There are no deadlines, as the course is work-at-your-own-pace. Practice is required. The quickest someone has gone through the course and received certification is one month. The longest so far is over a year. It's all up to you! More questions? Reach out! BreeAnn, your course mentor, can be reached at