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A note on Cultural Appropriation

We strive to have integrity and respect in all of our online courses

When I first learned how to belly bind in 2014, I had never heard the term "cultural appropriation". I have researched, studied, meditated and discussed the very serious ramifications of cultural appropriation with fellow belly binders and professionals within the cultures of belly binding, rebozo, and other practices that are currently appropriated, especially in the U.S. I have made every effort to ensure that credit for the Malaysian techniques of belly binding I was taught has gone to the culture. In every way I strive to avoid appropriating this knowledge. I created this online course because there was nothing of its kind online. Others had created online belly binding courses, but without mention or honor for the cultures the knowledge comes from, and nowhere near as comprehensive as what I had to offer. I believe that these skills and traditions are invaluable for women all over the world to learn as they seek healing in their postpartum periods and as they seek to heal others in their practices. I am always looking for ways to give back to the Malaysian and other cultures which practice belly binding today. Because of this I offer 5 scholarships per year to birth professionals of color and/or culture. If you would like to learn more about scholarship opportunities, or have any concerns about cultural appropriation and this online course, please contact me personally at authorbreeannmoore@gmail.com.